Dead Bluebottles Supine

by Calming River

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Hus 01:36
For Edward 03:33
I laid her down, And let her weep, I heard her words, And let them sleep, To dust at sunrise. Opened a box, I tried to keep, Closed for the night, Callow youth seas, When secretly my mind, Drowning in view. Knives out, Heads shake, I’m thoughtless who never doubts, And thoughtful but never acts. The knives are out, My body aches, It’s time to sleep again. I’m thoughtless who never acts?
Kaamos 03:48
Wait, Wait so long. Cannot wait.
Jejune 03:25
If not now, then when? When it's holding you like never before? If not now, then when? When the autumn light turns to fall? But what would you say, To fall like the raindrops of May? And where would you go, 'Been running since the day I learnt to tell, These lies, Lies like it will all be alright, The place where we go, When it all gets too much, The place that turns the colours into dust, But what would you say, To wake up and it all burn away? And where would you go, I've walked the walk Yet everything’s unknown, The light outside the windows yesterday's, Memory of August in the autumn flames. I’m the place that turns the colour into dust.
Boats 06:09
Day one of the night, Got caught up in needless, Is that you right here? Autumn to find, Got lost in the meaning, Is that you right here? Late January I can even see your smile, Coming in from the west, And all the little light of yesterday, It’s the winter that you left, I’ll take this little box of empty shards, To the ocean that I’ll go, To wash away the scars today, And bury them in the sand. Here we are late January, Crowded to say goodbye, And just like the boats that sail, You got out into the night, We’re all made of glass, Brittle and break, And we’re all made of glass, Porous to the flame.
Jinhai 04:39
Dover 02:20
Shoreline, Headlights to you, Time trials, Holding on, Into the trials, When we breathed for two. Take time, Time takes, We choose, To stand or fly, To try for better we lose, Breathe soft, Breathe softly onto.
Away, I’ll wait, I’ll wait by your side, While Helsinki sleeps, I’m caught in a fire of disbelief. A kindness guided a path to follow, So here I am, Broken, In a place I hoped forgotten Away, awake, Awake till sunrise, I walk for miles, ‘til the distant fading smile, Watching your waves Hit memory’s shoreline, Drowning your fears That tomorrow holds inside. Away, away I’ll wait, I’ll wait all night, To hear your voice, To see if I can understand in time
Lammas 01:04
Hawthorn 05:42
Hawthorn tree, Despondent looking down, She sees the underground, Justice he, Shrapnel and shards, Refigure her look, But in this field of wood, She remains, So desolate Her call for sleep, Echoes from beneath, That will not, That will not lay low. Tired out by the rats at her feet, Who scour for days without need, Caught between, Their fate and hope. For her sons, The ones who have won, Who have all, But lost Recoil, Recall To take or to lose? To take all, To take all, Or to lose?
Ivory 04:50


The debut album from alt-folk songwriter Calming River, to be released June 4 2021 (Dendron Records, Copenhagen).

Sincere thanks to all the musicians that have helped create this album — Matt, Rasmus, Simon, Maris, Tom and Carl. Thank you too to Synthia Franco and Lasse Kruse Larsen for permission to use your artwork.

For those looking for accompanying video, please see 'Boats', which was released late 2020. Please search YouTube for more information (external links are not possible within the constraints here).


released June 4, 2021

Mastered by Carl Saff
Produced by Matthew Fleming and Rasmus Nielsen

Maris Peterlevics: Violin on 'For Edward' and 'Hawthorn'
Rasmus Nielsen: Percussion and electric guitars
Simon Skjødt Jensen: Vocals on 'For Edward' and 'Dover'
Tom Neill: Keys on 'Jejune' and 'Ivory'
Joshua Malcolm: Guitars, lyrics, vocals

Lasse Kruse Larsen: Artwork


all rights reserved



Calming River Brighton, UK

Alt-folk songwriter.

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